NomNomNom is a defunct app for the HP Touchpad made to work and sync with Google Readerâ„¢, the RSS service. It offers a gorgeous interface and lots of features. It is no longer for sale in the HP App Catalog as Google Reader will be shutting down soon, but the source is available on Github for download.


  • Per-feed Notifications
  • Feeds sorted by Google Reader Preference
  • Quick feed switching
  • Tag/Folder editing
  • Feed/Folder renaming, subscribing, unsubscribing
  • View individual feeds in folders/tags
  • Starring Articles
  • Sharing Articles via SMS, Email, Twitter (via Spaz HD), & Google Reader
  • Save Articles to Instapaper and/or Read it Later
  • Opening Articles in the browser
  • Option to preview articles in card format or in a vertical list
  • Quickly marking a feed as read without opening it or automatically marking articles read as you browse them
  • Named by the illustrious Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals
  • ...and much more!