Well after two years in Brasil as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I’m back on the development scene. I’ve been soaking in all the updates in technology and will decide where I’m going to jump in! Stay tuned.

I’ve refreshed the site a bit, although not much has changed visually. The code, however, got an extensive refresh. The next step will be to update the site to use the latest version of Bootstrap.

It’s time for my second blog post!

For the next two years I will be in Brazil, teaching people about Jesus Christ. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. As a result, I will not be doing any programming or even any application support. So, I’ve suspended all my apps from the webOS App Catalog. Their source is, as always, available on Github.

It’ll be crazy to see the changes in technology upon my return. I’m super excited to dive back into the app development scene in a couple years. Knowing I was going to be leaving the country for a while has really made me limit my app development time, so it’ll be great to be back, full-throttle.

If you’re interested more in what I’ll be doing, please see Mormon.org.

See you in two!

Welcome to the new tibfib.com!

I’ve decided to move away from WordPress am now using Jekyll. It’s a minimalist blogging platform that can be hosted by pages.github.com. It’s pretty awesome. I also used JekyllBootstrap to help me get started, and made a custom theme using Twitter’s excellent Bootstrap.

I’m pretty happy with the result. I decided to remove comments so let me know what you think by tweeting or emailing me!